First Ethereum based lucky charm, decentralized payment system and social marketplace.

The crowdsale ends.

Meet Pixiu Project

1. Pixiu Coin

Pixiu Coin Is An Online Crypto Lucky Charm. Also, Pixiu token grants a part of Pixiu marketplace's profit to ICO investors.

Pixiu is a mythical Chinese hybrid creature that brings luck. It helps you improve your Feng Shui, build your wealth and allows you to avoid bad luck. People have been believing in Pixiu since the ancient times, and even today. But now there is Pixiu you can put into your wallet for good luck!

2. Pixiu Pay

Pixiu Pay is a decentralized payment system that enable online merchants to automatically match orders with customers through virtual accounts.


08-28-2017 ~ 12-31-2017
ICO and get listed on exchanges

Initial coin offering and get listed on some exchange platforms

11-01-2017 ~ 12-31-2017
Build Marketplace Beta

Build Pixiu Life Marketplace to recruit online B2B and B2C providers including Ecommerce, SAAS, online services and social media and so on.

02-01-2018 starting
Recruit and Marketing

Recruit digital business sellers and marketing Pixiu Life markeplace.

02-01-2018 starting

Invest some online business companies for more good and stable bonus items.

06-01-2018 starting

Acquire large profitable websites with steady earnings stream and user base.

06-01-2018 starting

Forcible convert users to use our tokens, advertisers, content creators, ecommerce buyers/sellers, and affiliates on our platforms will forced to buy and use our tokens.

06-01-2018 starting

Partner with large/small businesses to accept our token as payment.

06-01-2018 starting

Merge/Open exchange where our token holders can freely trade their tokens. Get listed on large exchanges.

11:00 - 11:45

Move offline by having our own debit/credit cards and partner up with ATM companies.

What Can I Do With Pixiu Tokens

Ways to use Pixiu Tokens

Getting Profit

Keeping tokens, receiving dividends. The token grants a part of the marketplace's profit.

Selling tokens

After the ICO, you can sell the token on the market to receive immediate profit.

Pixiu Marketplace

You can enjoy the promotion packages and items from mechants by paying Pixiu tokens on Pixiu Life marketplace.


Secure Sockets Layer

Decentralised Ledgers

Big Data Application

Open Payment API

Internet of Things

Smart Contracts

ICO Details

What is a Pixiu token:
Pixiu token - Pixiu Blockchain Share - represents the right to receive a part of company's profit. All token holders are eligible for obtaining dividends according to their stakes. Any number of tokens (100%) sold at the end of ICO have right to receive 20% of company's profits
Payout Structure:
According to the company bylaws, at the end of a financial year 20% of the company's profit is transferred to an ETH wallet. The ETH is then redistributed to all holders of Pixiu Tokens according to smart contract conditions.
Total supply:
21,000,000 (twenty one million) tokens
Initial Rate:
Price per token, locked. 1 ETH = 300 Pixiu

ICO Structure

21 million tokens outstanding



Week 1



Week 2



Week 3



Week 4-5



Week 5-6



Week 7-8


White Paper

English Paper


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